November 29, 2023
woman in black jacket sitting beside woman in white blazer

Finding a mentor or seeking advice from someone you admire in your desired career field can provide valuable insights and guidance. By asking the right career questions, you can learn from their experiences, gain perspective, and make informed decisions about your own professional journey. Here are twelve career questions to ask someone you admire.

woman in black jacket sitting beside woman in white blazer

1. What motivated you to pursue this career path?

Understanding the driving forces behind their career choice can provide insights into their passion, values, and interests. It may inspire you to reflect on your own motivations and align them with your career goals.

2. What key skills or attributes have contributed to your success?

Identifying the essential skills and attributes that have helped them excel in their career can help you identify areas for personal growth and development. Their insights can guide you in acquiring the right skills and building a strong foundation for success.

3. What challenges did you face along the way, and how did you overcome them?

Learning about the challenges they encountered and the strategies they employed to overcome them can offer valuable lessons. It can help you develop resilience, problem-solving skills, and alternative perspectives when facing obstacles in your own career.

4. How do you stay motivated and inspired in your work?

Understanding how they maintain motivation and passion in their work can provide insights into sustaining long-term career satisfaction. Their strategies for staying inspired can guide you in finding your own sources of motivation and fulfillment.

5. What advice would you give someone starting their career in this field?

Seeking their advice for newcomers can provide practical guidance and tips for starting your own career journey. Their insights can help you navigate potential pitfalls, make informed decisions, and set realistic expectations.

6. What are some trends or changes you see in the industry?

Asking about industry trends can help you stay ahead of the curve and anticipate future developments. Their insights can guide you in acquiring relevant skills and positioning yourself for success in a rapidly evolving professional landscape.

7. How do you balance work and personal life?

Understanding their approach to work-life balance can offer valuable insights into maintaining overall well-being. Their strategies for managing responsibilities and maintaining harmony can guide you in creating a healthy balance in your own life.

8. How do you continue to learn and grow in your career?

Inquiring about their approach to continuous learning and professional development can inspire you to prioritize ongoing growth. Their recommendations for resources, courses, or learning opportunities can help you expand your knowledge and stay current in your field.

9. How do you handle setbacks or failures in your career?

Gaining insights into their mindset and coping strategies for setbacks can equip you with resilience and perseverance. Their experiences can offer guidance on bouncing back from failures and turning them into valuable learning experiences.

10. Are there any mentors or resources that have been instrumental in your career?

Asking about their mentors and influential resources can provide you with recommendations for seeking your own guidance and inspiration. Their insights can help you identify potential mentors or find valuable resources to support your professional growth.

11. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment in your career?

Understanding their proudest achievements can provide insights into their values and the milestones they deem significant. It can inspire you to set meaningful goals and work towards your own career milestones.

12. What advice do you have for someone aspiring to be successful in this field?

Seeking their overall advice for success in the field can offer valuable guidance and wisdom. Their words of wisdom can serve as guiding principles as you navigate your own professional journey.


Engaging with someone you admire in your desired career field can be an invaluable opportunity for growth and learning. By asking these twelve career questions, you can gain insights into their motivations, challenges, strategies, and perspectives, ultimately shaping your own professional path. Remember to listen actively, take notes, and reflect on the insights you receive. Use this valuable information to make informed decisions and take steps towards achieving your career aspirations.