November 29, 2023
man sitting on concrete brick with opened laptop on his lap

The process of searching for the right college can be overwhelming for high school students. With so many options available, it’s essential to have reliable resources and tools to navigate the journey effectively. In this article, we will explore 17 of the best college search tools available to high school students. These tools provide valuable information, guidance, and resources to help students make informed decisions about their higher education.

man sitting on concrete brick with opened laptop on his lap

1. College Board’s BigFuture

BigFuture, developed by the College Board, is a comprehensive college search tool that allows students to explore colleges based on various criteria such as location, majors, size, and admission requirements. It provides detailed information about colleges, including virtual campus tours, financial aid resources, and scholarship opportunities.

2. Naviance

Naviance is a widely used college and career readiness platform that assists students in exploring colleges, creating a college list, and tracking their application progress. It offers tools for career assessment, college match, and access to real-time data on admissions statistics from participating high schools.

3. Niche

Niche is a popular college search platform that provides a comprehensive overview of colleges and universities. It offers insights into various aspects of college life, including academics, campus culture, student reviews, and rankings. Niche also provides information on scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

4. College Navigator

College Navigator, developed by the National Center for Education Statistics, is an extensive database of colleges and universities in the United States. It allows students to search for schools based on location, programs, accreditation, and other criteria. College Navigator provides valuable data on tuition, graduation rates, and student demographics.

5. Cappex

Cappex is a college search platform that helps students discover colleges and scholarships that match their interests and qualifications. It offers personalized college recommendations, scholarship information, and a chance to connect with colleges directly through the platform.

6. Peterson’s

Peterson’s is a well-established resource for college search and test preparation. It provides information on colleges, programs, and financial aid options. Peterson’s also offers test preparation materials, practice tests, and guidance on the college application process.

7. Unigo

Unigo is an online platform that provides a vast database of college reviews, student insights, and expert advice. High school students can explore colleges, read student testimonials, and gain valuable insights into the admissions process, campus life, and academics.

8. College Scorecard

College Scorecard, provided by the U.S. Department of Education, offers detailed information on colleges’ affordability, graduation rates, and post-graduation earnings. Students can compare colleges based on these metrics to make informed decisions about their future education.

9. Niche College Match

Niche College Match is a tool that helps students find their best-fit colleges based on their preferences and interests. By answering a series of questions about their academic goals, extracurricular interests, and personal preferences, students receive personalized college recommendations.

10. Big Future’s College Search

Big Future’s College Search tool allows students to search for colleges based on specific criteria such as location, majors, and campus life. It provides a comprehensive database of colleges and universities, along with admission statistics, financial aid information, and links to college websites.

11. College Raptor

College Raptor offers a powerful college search engine that matches students with colleges based on their academic profile and preferences. It also provides estimated financial aid awards, allowing students to understand the potential cost of attending each college.

12. Niche’s Best Colleges Rankings

Niche’s Best Colleges Rankings provide students with insights into the top colleges and universities in various categories. Students can explore rankings based on factors such as academics, campus life, diversity, and value for money.

13. College Confidential

College Confidential is an online forum where students can ask questions, seek advice, and engage with others going through the college search process. It provides a supportive community and a wealth of information shared by current college students, parents, and college admissions experts.

14. MyCoalition

MyCoalition is a college application platform that allows students to create an online portfolio and apply to multiple colleges and universities. It also provides tools for college research, financial aid information, and resources to guide students through the application process.

15. Niche’s College Admissions Calculator

Niche’s College Admissions Calculator is a tool that estimates students’ chances of admission to specific colleges based on their GPA, test scores, and other factors. It can help students assess their likelihood of acceptance and make informed decisions when building their college list.

16. CollegeData

CollegeData offers a wide range of resources for college search and planning. It provides information on college admission requirements, financial aid, scholarships, and campus life. CollegeData also offers tools to calculate net price, estimate financial aid, and explore college match options.

17. Virtual Campus Tours

Virtual Campus Tours, available on various college websites and platforms, provide an immersive experience for students to explore campuses remotely. These tours allow students to virtually walk through campus facilities, dormitories, and classrooms, providing a sense of the campus environment.

In conclusion, the college search process can be overwhelming, but with the right tools and resources, high school students can navigate it more effectively. The 17 college search tools mentioned in this article offer valuable information, guidance, and insights to help students find their best-fit colleges. Whether it’s exploring college options, comparing schools, estimating costs, or connecting with admissions officers, these tools empower students to make informed decisions about their higher education journey. Remember to utilize these resources and take advantage of the wealth of information available to you as you embark on your college search.